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=== Community ===
=== Community ===
[https://github.com/tomsajan/netio-exporter Prometheus integration]
[https://github.com/tomsajan/netio-exporter Prometheus integration]
[https://github.com/elmicro/fhem_netio_4x_pm FHEM module by Elmicro]
[https://github.com/elmicro/fhem_netio_4x_pm FHEM module by Elmicro]

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NETIO Lua Programming

Don't know LUA?

Official Lua tutorial

If you are new to Lua and programming as such and if you are eager to learn, this is your starting point. Before you proceed to NETIO Sockets, this online environment will be a good place to test your first scripts.

Official Lua manual

Although you won't need everything mentioned here, it is worth to peek here from time to time to grasp the concepts of effective Lua programming.

Lua in NETIO

If you already know Lua, just keep in mind that NETIO Lua loops are limited to 32k cycles and all numbers are integers, not decimals like in standard Lua.

Lua basics for other language programmers

A quick jump into NETIO Lua programming if you mastered another programming language. It's simple...

NETIO Lua Tips & Philosophy

Explanation of starting LUA scripts in NETIO devices and some tips how to hack NETIO to doing what you want.

NETIO Specific Reference manual

If you can already code in Lua, NETIO-specific Lua functions is your main guide to programing NETIO Sockets.

Examples & Aplication notes

Aplication notes for devices supporting LUA programming. Example configurations downloads and Script programming explanation with direct links to reference