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Watchdog diagram

Watchdog is a function periodically pinging to one defined IP address or URL. It's periodically checking reply from defined IP device by ping (ICMP). You can monitor physical presence of the IP device or Internet connectivity. You can use several WatchDog functions in parallel.

Based on each Watchdog state one or several RULEs can be executed. Each Rule can perform several actions (Set Output, Short Off (restart) output, Toggle output or send Alarm state to the NETIO Cloud service. Based on this Alarm state can NETIO Cloud send email to defined recipient. All Watchdogs are listed in the JSON protocol wit their current states. It can be used by 3rd party software.

Each Watchdog function state is the FAIL variable.

  • Watchdog Fail = FALSE = ping answer is OK
  • Watchdog Fail = TRUE = ping answer not received


Variable Value Description
target IP / URL Monitored address
pingInterval int [s] Time interval between pings
timeout int [s] Time waiting for answer
maxTimeouts int Number of failed pings required to evaluate to FAIL=TRUE
timeToReboot int [s] Time the Watchdog waits after announcing an error condition before starting a new cycle
maxRestarts int Maximum number of restarts when an error condition is declared. After this limit is reached, the Watchdog remains in an FAIL=TRUE state until the next successful ping.

If set to 0, the Watchdog will restart the device after each FAIL=TRUE is declared.