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Watchdog diagram

Watchdog is a tool that allows you to ping a given (IP) address using the ping command. In this way, you can eg. monitor the availability of a device connected to the output or connectivity to the Internet.

In case of failure, it is possible to invoke a follow-up rule-based action (see Rules). Output of Watchdog is the variable FAIL. It shows value TRUE when evaluation ends with a failure or FALSE when pinging is successful.


Variable Value Description
target IP / URL Monitored address
pingInterval int [s] Time interval between pings
timeout int [s] Time waiting for answer
maxTimeouts int Number of failed pings required to evaluate to FAIL=TRUE
timeToReboot int [s] Time the Watchdog waits after announcing an error condition before starting a new cycle
maxRestarts int Maximum number of restarts when an error condition is declared. After this limit is reached, the Watchdog remains in an FAIL=TRUE state until the next successful ping.

If set to 0, the Watchdog will restart the device after each FAIL=TRUE is declared.