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URL API protocol is one way – control only, command based M2M API protocol, where NETIO device is HTTP(s) server accepting commands sent over HTTP(s) GET to control NETIO power outputs (power sockets 230V or power outlets IEC-320 110/230V).

The URL API is a simple method for passing parameters as a part of a URL address (http get). It can be tested in the address bar in any web browser. https://www.netio-products.com/en/glossary/url-api-http-get


Standard implementation of the HTTP(s) GET protocol for all NETIO devices.

Download the Protocol description in PDF: NETIO URL API

Check the example: AN19: URL API (http GET) protocol to control NETIO 4x power sockets/outlets 110 / 230V

Supported devices:

NETIO Lua URL API over HTTP(s) get

HTTP(s) get implementation based on Lua Active Client scripts. You can edit the Lua script and modify the script address or device behaviour / commands timing. Can be very useful for more complicated requests initiated by URL request.

Check the AN04: Remote power socket control by URL (http get handled in Lua script)

Supported devices: