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Telnet/KSHELL protocol is command based M2M API protocol, where NETIO device supports Telnet connections and the defined command set can be used for monitoring and control of NETIO power outputs (230V power sockets or IEC-320 power outlets 110/230V). Telnet protocol in 2019 implementation do not support energy metering.

Telnet (Telecommunication Network) refers to a TCP/IP-based protocol used in computer networks that allows the user to connect to a remote computer using a Telnet application (console).

Standard NETIO Telnet API

Download the Protocol description in PDF: NETIO Telnet API

AN10: Telnet control of electrical power sockets (M2M API – KSHELL)

NETIO 4x electrical sockets (NETIO 4 / 4All / 4C) can be controlled over a LAN using the Telnet M2M API protocol and KSHELL commands. The NETIO AN10 Application Note demonstrates how to use Telnet to control individual sockets, gives a brief description of the KSHELL protocol and shows examples how to test the communication in Windows using several utilities.

Supported devices: