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The PAB (Power Analyzing Block) is a function with periodically evaluated sets of conditions for measured variables (current [mA], voltage, S0 pulses etc.). Based on each PAB state one or several RULEs can be executed. Each Rule can perform several actions (Set Output, Short Off (restart) output, Toggle output or send Alarm state to the NETIO Cloud service. Based on this Alarm state can NETIO Cloud send email to defined recipient. All PABs are listed in the JSON protocol wit their current states. It can be used by 3rd party software.


There are two types of PAB available:

  1. RANGE - Function state = YES/NO (TRUE/FALSE) - For example: O1 current <200 mA - 1000 mA>.
  2. ZONE - Function state = One of predefined value intervals - For example: O1 current = 1 (0 = <0-100mA>, 1 = <100-500mA>, 2 = <501-16000mA>)

PABs can work with the specified quantities:

  • Current: OUTPUTS/1/CURRENT [mA]
  • Load: OUTPUTS/2/LOAD [W]
  • Energy: OUTPUTS/4/POWER [Wh]
  • Output No. 8 state: OUTPUTS/8/STATE [int 0/1]

General structure for defining a variable is: <INPUT/OUTPUT>/ID/<monitored variable>