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The PAB (Power Analyzing Block) define sets of conditions for measured variables (current, voltage, S0 pulses etc.). Various rules can be set based on these conditions. Rules can perform actions such as sending alarm to the Cloud service, restarting outputs, etc. The PAB condition output is also available for use in selected protocols.


There are two types of PAB available:

  1. RANGE - Evaluation YES/NO (TRUE/FALSE)
  2. ZONE - Evaluation using specified intervals

Each type uses specific variables and is described in detail below.

PABs can work with the specified quantities:

  • Current: OUTPUTS/1/CURRENT [mA]
  • Load: OUTPUTS/2/LOAD [W]
  • Energy: OUTPUTS/4/POWER [Wh]
  • Output No. 8 state: OUTPUTS/8/STATE [int 0/1]

General structure for defining a variable is: <INPUT/OUTPUT>/ID/<monitored variable>