function cgiGet()

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Execute HTTP GET call to given url and read the response. The call is asynchronous: the code execution proceeds immediately and when the response arrives, callback function is called. To perform simple HTTP GET call without response handling, use simpler devices.system.CustomCGI()

nil cgiGet(table config)


table config{url, callback, timeout, bufferSize, sslVerifyPeer=false}
  • string url address to call
  • function{response} callback this function is called when response arrives
  • optional number timeout maximum seconds to wait for response (default 30)
  • optional number bufferSize bytes of memory to allocate for response (min. 4k, max 1M)
  • optional number sslVerifyPeer=false use if you don't want to verify peer's certificate

Callback Parameters

table response{result, errInfo, received, buffer}
  • number result error code of the response (see below)
  • string errInfo error description (if result>0)
  • number received response length
  • string buffer response body

Error Code of the response

  • 0 success, response HTTP/GET 2xx
  • 22 response HTTP/GET 4xx
  • 27 buffer overflow
  • 28 response is timed out

Return value



function logOurIp(o)
  if o.result == 0 then
     log(string.format("our ip is %s", string.match(o.buffer,"(%d+.%d+.%d+.%d+)")))
     log(string.format("cgi to get our ip failed with error %d: %s", o.result, o.errorInfo))

-- send HTTP request and handle response
cgiGet{url="", callback=logOurIp, timeout=2}


Netio FirmWare 2.3.5+

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